Performance Improvement


I need:

  • to have visibility in my cash flow
  • to understand the source of the cash that comes in and out
  • to make my system work
  • to have performance indicators throughout my company / operation
  • a CFO or controller that takes over the area
  • to reduce my SG&A and administrative costs
  • to have a budget to my operation

TCP solution:

TCP solves any relevant problem involving financial and administrative issues. The team has an extensive experience as CFO / Controller in "normal" situations and crisis. The senior team consists of IT, Accounting, Fiscal and Human Research, being able to handle any situation.


We completely understand your necessity for control of your cashflow.

Performance Improvement

& Performance Optimization


  • to make my production line more efficient
  • to quantify my operation
  • to restructure my distribution centre and implement a WMS
  • to reduce my working capital needs, because it is consuming my cash
  • to reduce my cost basis and expand my gross margin
  • I need someone who can take over the company to overcome the crisis
  • to increase the profitability and visibility of my company (to be able to bring an investor or sell it)


TCP operates throughout the production and supply chain. Its professionals have worked as CEO / COO across various sectors, bringing an extensive experience to lead the operations.


We understand the urgency of any difficult situation and we focus on what will really bring results and generate cash. We are a partner whois completely aligned with your company.